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Stress Management in Georgia

In the world we’re living in now…


There’s more to think about, more to do, and less time to get it done than ever before. Finances, relationships, work, cleaning… everything is stacking up. From the moment you wake up, you’re already overwhelmed by the day ahead. Your days are a constant juggle of tasks and responsibilities, and no amount of caffeine can get you through it.

Burnout is here


Irritable, you find yourself snapping at those you care about. Your body’s feeling it, too. Headaches, trouble sleeping, and tension, it’s almost impossible to RELAX.


Maybe you keep taking naps, hoping all your problems will just go away. Or you drown yourself in distractions like movies or social media. But they don’t work because your mind’s stuck on that never-ending to-do list. 


The daily grind is wearing you down and you can’t carry on like this. Something has to give. Your priorities have to shift.

It's time to get help managing the stress


I’m Jennifer, and I’m here to help you feel grounded so you can rediscover the things you used to love. I’m a licensed therapist with expertise in stress management and I provide online therapy sessions to millennial women throughout Georgia.

Let's find your sense of calm


Together, we’ll examine the stressors in your life, differentiating the healthy ones from those kicking you into overdrive. That will help us determine what stress management techniques work for you – what will activate your “soothe system” so you can relax while still showing up and meeting life’s demands.

Say goodbye to chronic stress!


You might not see it right now, but you CAN feel peaceful and balanced again. Imagine feeling more present, creative, and on top of things, falling back in love with what used to bring you so much joy. Don’t waste any more time feeling overwhelmed when you could be feeling lighter and freer. Let’s book your free 15-minute consultation so you can start your journey.

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