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Screening and Assessment

Find out what it is you're dealing with

You’ve been struggling for a while but don’t know if you have an actual diagnosis. If you’re not a mental health professional, it’s difficult to know if something is just part of life or a mental health condition. For example, what’s the difference between regular stress, anxiety, and depression?


Or maybe you need to know if you have a diagnosis to have a better conversation with your primary doctor. Whatever the case, you need answers.

You might be exploring accommodations


If you’re struggling at school or work, you might have options:

Extra time…

A medical pass…

Housing exemptions…

Emotional support animals…

The next step is getting an evaluation and the appropriate documentation.

I'm here to help


I can rule out certain diagnoses and tell you what you’re likely dealing with and to what extent. We can also discuss if you’re at risk for other mental health conditions. Once we've determined a diagnosis, we'll develop specific treatment recommendations.

Get the answers you need


As long as you’re in Georgia, we can work together online. I’m sure you have questions. Let me answer them and tell you more about how I can help. Book your free 15-minute consultation today.

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